For anyone looking to help teens navigate a challenging world and help them find true meaning in their life. Full of amazing tips and prompts that are easy to implement and spark positive change for teenagers.

~Michelle G

I experienced great lessons while using this book! My students had strong focus and ownership of their work. This book is a valuable resource for the modern day classroom.

~Jessica S

For schools that have adopted a Growth Mindset model, I highly recommend this book for journaling and reflection in the classroom.

~Jayme W

A great resource that should be in every parent, teacher and school counselor’s “toolbox”.

~Karen P

Simple and straightforward writing is accessible and inviting to teens.

~Maggie S

Written in kid friendly talk, one topic after another touches the heart and soul of what kids face as they grow up.

~R. Anderson

A practical guide for youth to raise awareness, examine belief systems and make healthy changes. Relatable and relevant for all types of teens. Postive, upbeat and motivational.

~Lisa B

For the time it takes to implement these lessons, the payback is huge.

~Nikki L-P

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